"Fit for Partnership with Germany" follow up with the Mexican group in Mexico City. | Photo: GICON®-InTraBiD

One year later: Mexican participants discuss results of the manager training program

After one year, Mexican groups come together again and exchange experiences regarding the successes of "Fit for Partnership with Germany". GICON® InTraBiD is one of 13 training centers in Germany helping to make the program a...

Bildunterschrift: The participants of the follow-up seminar after a company visit in the Belorussian city of Vitebsk

Follow-up seminar in Minsk

Participants from the 2016 manager training program report on successful contracts as well as new structures in their home companies and visit private companies for the first time


"The best time of my life!"

Indian managers negotiate tangible cooperation with German firms after their stay


Follow-up seminar in Moscow

Russian participants from 2016 report their successes


Indian managers want to cooperate with Saxon companies

Visit to the world's largest industrial fair in Hannover complements visit to Germany


"Time is money"

Interview with two participants of the GICON InTraBiD managerial program "Fit for Partnership with Germany"


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