Five years GICON InTraBiD GmbH - successful training for 350 managers from eleven countries

New contract with GIZ ensures continuation until 2020

Internationality and interdisciplinary thinking are only two trademarks of GICON, but none of the companies belonging to the group embodies both as well as GICON® InTraBiD GmbH. For five years now, GICON® InTraBiD GmbH has acted as a partner for the training and further education of foreign managers and executives and there is no end in sight. Thanks to a successful application, GICON will also make international managers fit for business with German companies in the 2019/2020 project period. GICON InTraBiD GmbH is one of 13 advanced training centers in Germany, which bring the Fit for Partnership with Germany program to life and offer business training. The program is coordinated by the German Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). It goes back to an initiative of the then Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl and the Russian President Boris Yeltsin in 1998 and has since been gradually extended to 23 countries worldwide.

The strengths of GICON® InTraBiD GmbH as a training center

By the end of 2018, the InTraBiD team had trained more than 350 managers from eleven different countries for economic cooperation with German companies and successfully accompanied them through the program. "Intercultural skills, multilingualism and solution-oriented work are just some of our success factors," explains Managing Director Dr. Annett Schröter. "I know that I can rely on our team and that foreign managers will receive the best possible support. For this purpose we have built up a nationwide and cross-industry network, so that we can respond individually to the wishes of the participants and arrange lasting contacts".

Orders worth several million euros thanks to intensive preparations

The goal of the InTraBiD team is to establish long-term and stable business relationships. In order to prepare the managers for their stay in Germany, workshops are organized in the respective home countries about a year in advance. There, the participants get to know the peculiarities of the German economy and learn how to get in touch with German partners and do business. Normally, they search databases for suitable suppliers, but the German Chambers of Foreign Trade also provide help. In principle, the program is designed for business transactions in both directions, i.e. imports of goods and services from Germany or exports to Germany for the respective trading partner. After the desired business partners in Germany have been identified, InTraBiD takes care of the establishment of contact and meeting arrangements. This has created a solid network of companies, with new industries continuously joining the network for thematic reasons. About half of the individual company contacts take place in Saxony. In order to sound out common interests and develop business fields, the B2B cooperation exchanges with German business representatives, which take place in cooperation with the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry, among others, have also proven their worth.

Over the years, many success stories have accumulated, as Dr. Annett Schröter reports: "I particularly remember the successful conclusion of a contract between a Mongolian company and a Saxon partner for the supply of natural ingredients intended to provide Mongolian milk and yoghurt products their tasty kick. Also memorable was a group of Siberian mining engineers who found solutions for the Russian mining industry thanks to technology 'Made in Germany' and two Vietnamese participants will cooperate with Saxon companies in the future and will act as distributors of special lubricants and adhesives in their home country. In addition, there are countless other examples from various industries such as telecommunications, recycling or energy efficiency".

New project phase for 2019/2020

As a rule, the GIZ searches for further training centers throughout Germany for a period of two years by invitation to tender. From 2019 the number of training centers will be increased to 18 due to the high demand.  GICON InTraBiD again impressed during in the application process and now expects groups from Vietnam, Russia and Mexico in 2019.

The most important element of business training: practical exchange with potential partner companies