GICON® InTraBiD continues to be active internationally

First managers in 2018 will be arriving from Belarus

With a two-day introductory workshop for a group of Belarusian managers in Minsk, who will be coming to Dresden in March 2018, GICON® InTraBiD GmbH successfully concluded its fourth year in business in mid-December. Since the founding of the company in 2014, the team has accompanied more than 250 managers and executives from 10 countries through the "Fit for Partnership with Germany" manager training program, imparting specialist knowledge and initiating sustainable corporate cooperation.

In 2018, the Belarusian group will also complete the program of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) at GICON® InTraBiD offices in Dresden. The managers are looking to establish, for example, business relations with German companies to source PET bottles for pharmaceutical products, ironing stations and aluminum castings. They also want to gain partners for the import of furniture, cable harnesses and IT services into Germany.

In 2016, participants concluded contracts in the double-digit million range

The workshop in Minsk was already the fourth in 2017, and the InTraBiD specialists had previously prepared 61 participants for their four-week stays in Germany at similar workshops in Delhi (India), Ulanbaatar (Mongolia) and Kemerovo (Russia). The focal points in 2017 included the mining industry, where German engineers offered efficient solutions for the removal of black coal, mechanical engineering, the treatment of wastewater and sewage sludge for energy production, and the German food industry, which is now supplying natural ingredients for Mongolian milk and yoghurt products. Marketing, quality assurance and the preparation of business plans were also part of the program, in order to encourage the participants to act as sustainably as possible.

The InTraBiD staff traditionally evaluate their results one year after completion of a program, so the team held follow-up seminars for four groups that participated in the program in 2016. The participants reported on concluded contracts and related deliveries of goods with a volume of several million euros. Further cooperation and long-term collaborations are already planned.

Outlook for 2018 - Belarusian managers to arrive in March

Planning for 2018 is also well advanced for the InTraBiD specialists. In its fifth year of its existence, the training center is expecting managers from Russia and Vietnam in addition to the Belarusian group. These two groups will also receive two-day training sessions to prepare them thoroughly in their home country. Follow-ups for Mongolian, Indian and Russian managers are also on the agenda, as these groups were guests in Dresden in 2017.