Friday 15. May 2015

Economic links between Germany, the Ukraine and Belarus strengthened

Young manager and executives complete the manager training program at GICON®-InTraBiD

Monday 20. April 2015

New participants for BMWi’s manager training program

Ukrainian and Belarusian managers establish business contacts in Germany

Monday 08. December 2014

Successful course completion for the Turkmen manager group at GICON®-InTraBiD

Initial relationships with German companies established

Tuesday 11. November 2014

Turkmen leaders attend training course at GICON®-InTraBiD

Four weeks to kick-start Turkmen economic relations

Friday 24. October 2014

Dresden-based wastewater know-how bound for Nishney-Novgorod

Russian specialist completes individual coaching at GICON®-InTraBiD

Sunday 08. June 2014

First group of managers completes training program at GICON® InTraBiD

Participants took advantage of meetings with companies and have already commenced initial cooperation

Friday 07. February 2014

GICON® International Training and Business Development GmbH (GICON®-InTraBid) has officially commended activity in February 2014

As one of 14 training centers (FBZ) in Germany, the experienced GICON®-InTraBiD team is on behalf of the Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) conducting the manager training program ‘Fit for Partnership with Germany’ of...