Follow-up seminar in Moscow

Russian participants from 2016 report their successes

"Economic Cooperation in the Field of Energy Efficiency of Buildings" - with this focus, a group of Russian participants successfully completed the manager training program entitled "Fit for Partnership with Germany" last year. At the end of March 2017, everyone met again at the Moscow International University of Business (MIRBIS) to report on their results and successes after their return to their homeland. For the follow-up seminar, GICON InTraBiD Project Manager Barbara Hantschmann traveled to the Russian capital to evaluate the trainings in Germany, to discuss the further development of the business start-ups, and to contribute to networking and exchange of knowledge.

Contracts with German companies brought to fruition

On the first day of the seminar, Iakov Bachinin and Sergey Sosnovskikh reported on behalf of the Group on the program and their stay in Germany. While Bachinin actively uses his acquired knowledge of energy efficiency in his company to heat a production hall with process heat, Sosnovskikh, thanks to its acquired contacts, now has access to the latest technological solutions from Germany. So far, both participants have concluded supply and service contracts with a total value of approximately EUR 500,000. For 2017, further work in the medium five-digit Euro area is regulated in the contracts. In addition, by the year 2020, the replacement of the galvanizing vat in Bachinin’s company, a metallurgical enterprise, is planned. For this purpose, up to EUR 500,000 has been set aside in the company budget.

Evaluation of the manager program’s results

On the second day of the follow-up seminar, the focus was on the group's work. The participants, together with Barbara Hantschmann, evaluated their stay in Germany with regard to the developed German-Russian business contacts, the implementation of cooperation projects and planned changes in their companies. Immediate results of the training at the GICON InTraBiD were, for example, creation of new jobs, improvement in working conditions and an increase in worker safety. In addition, measures to involve the employees in the decision-making processes as well as their education and training were mentioned. The introduction of new technologies and work processes in the respective companies is also one of the positive results of the training. Sergei Agafonov, a senior employee in a company for energy supplies in the Altai region reported, for example, that he could reach his annual targets by optimizing the technical and technological operations schedule and introducing tariff rules. In addition, the participants assessed the deregulating measures introduced by them as a positive change in their companies.

Highlight of the follow-up seminar: official transfer of certificates to the participants in the presidential program (named after former president and initiator Boris Yeltsin)