Mexican managers: "Program was a big success."

Participants pleased with the results of their stay at GICON®-InTraBiD GmbH

For a total of four weeks, 18 Mexican executives trained at GICON®-InTraBiD GmbH. At the conclusion of the training, the managers summed up their stay as being "very successful". They were able to build business relationships throughout Germany, from cooperation towards solutions for the "Internet of Things" to electronics for German automotive suppliers. Gerardo Lozano of the Diphsa health care supply store in Monterrey, a city in northern Mexico, would like to have his sterilization units for hospitals certified by German specialists in the future, and Alfredo Pliego established contact with the Saxony Eibau brewery in order to market beer from Upper Lusatia in Mexico in the future.

Overall, the participants particularly emphasized the friendly atmosphere in the group and the smooth implementation of the course by GICON®-InTraBiD. The participants grew into a real team; the producers of spirits, amaranth granola bars, tortillas and jams supported each other in accessing the German market. In doing so they found a common partner who wanted to smooth their way into the German retail and specialty restaurant industries.

Mexican participants of the "Fit for Partnership with Germany" program.