Opening up new business areas and successful contracts for 36 million euros

Russian participants from 2015 draw positive conclusions

On 6 and 7 October 2016, a follow-up seminar in Moscow was held for four Russian groups and four other Russian participants, who had participated in the "Fit for Partnership with Germany" managerial program as part of international groups. Also present were the tutors of the German training centers, which are distributed throughout Germany, including GICON® InTraBiD. The focus of the evaluation seminar, held at MIRBIS (Moscow International Higher Business School) was the assessment of the results of the trainings and the establishment of business from the previous year. The participants had already completed comprehensive questionnaires in advance of the seminar.

The analysis of more than 70 questionnaires could demonstrate important changes in the participants' businesses. Thus, after the stay in Germany, for example, significant improvements human resources, the introduction of new technologies and equipment, the opening up of new business areas and the improvement of production quality. The total sum of the contracts concluded by the Russian companies with Germany during and after the training in Germany amount to 36 million euros. Exports from Germany to Russia account for about 35 million euros and imports from Russia to Germany for the remaining 1 million euros.

"This is an excellent result for all those involved, one which we can be proud of. The promising contracts concluded are a tangible result of the successful work of GICON® InTraBiD and the sustainability of the business contacts concluded by the participants," summed up GICON® InTraBiD Managing Director, Dr. Annett Schröter.

For the follow-up seminar, 62 out of 92 participants from 32 regions of Russia confirmed their participation. The plenary session during first day of the seminar was organized under the theme "Organizations to support foreign trade activities for Russian companies; Opportunities for cooperation and knowledge sharing". On the second day, the participants worked with their tutors from the training centers and presented the results of their stay in Germany in the afternoon.

Participants in the follow-up seminar who completed their training at GICON® InTraBiD; Photo: Moscow International Higher Business School