International Manager Training at GICON® InTraBiD Establishes Digital Format

Second virtual manager group successfully completes BMWi program

Shortly before Christmas, the final seminar of a Russian manager group, which had started their business training at GICON® InTraBiD GmbH eight weeks ago, took place. A total of 14 managers from Siberia and the far east of Russia took up up the challenge of continuing their education virtually and of establishing business contacts to Germany – simultaneously with their daily work

The summaries of the graduates from Russia about the virtual format was positive: "The virtual format of the training program made it possible for us to participate in the first place, because as a manager you can't just leave the company for a few weeks," said several of the participants, summarizing the practical advantages of online training. Others pointed out that immersing themselves in the new virtual dimension and stepping out of their comfort zone had been a very important experience and had served as a driver for the development of new ideas.

Thanks to interactive offerings from the trainers, a lively group dynamic and exchange between participants and trainers emerged, so there were hardly any disadvantages compared to traditional face-to-face training. Intercultural competence, negotiation training, business planning, project and personnel management were of particular interest to the group.

Virtual visit to Colditz Castle and live Q&A session

The virtual company visits to the Leipzig Chamber of Industry and Commerce, IMM electronics GmbH Mittweida, Kühnapfel GmbH, Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH and Volkswagen's Future Mobility Incubator were also very popular. Although the participants were unable to explore the production facilities and processes in Germany in detail in this way, they did gain extensive insights from the companies into topics such as corporate management, human resources management and dealing with innovation. A live link enabled a direct exchange with the German entrepreneurs, who also provided impressions of Saxon culture and history. At the construction site at Colditz Castle, the managers were able to watch the restoration of the historically-protected buildings. During a live question and answer session with the managing director of the Kühnapfel-Spezialbau company, they discussed the awarding of public contracts, building restoration technologies and human resources management. Such open discussions reduced the initial uncertainty in the new format and encouraged the active development of individual business contacts with the German companies. 

First contracts in the works

In addition to gaining new experience and learning new skills, the initiation of new business contacts is one of the important results of the eight-week program. During this period, 18 initial contacts with German companies took place, and based on these, 16 import contracts worth approx. EUR 750,000 are already planned.  The best cooperation projects were presented at the final virtual workshop:

Maria Ukolova represents management of a large housing company "Жилстрой" from Irkutsk. Her goal in Germany was to analyze the market of large panel formwork manufacturers and find a suitable supplier of formwork sets for the construction of apartment buildings in Irkutsk. During the program, Maria contacted three German manufacturers (PERI, PASCHAL and NOE) and reviewed their offers. Specific contracts are being sought.

Elena Nozdracheva is a sole proprietor and founder of the soap center "Mylkovo" in Kemerovo.  The company is the only one in Kemerovo that produces soap at "hand made" quality and processes it into various shapes and colors, e.g. as an artistic bouquet of flowers. It sells through an online store as well as in its own store. Elena plans to import a vacuum mixing and homogenization system for the production of cosmetic products from HEBOLD SYSTEMS in Cuxhafen, Germany, to expand her product range. She has also been able to win the company as a partner in the quality assurance of its soap production. Already at the beginning of next year, a first test series with samples from Kemerovo will start at HEBOLD SYSTEMS.

Grigorij Alekhin is commercial manager of the company "ATISPOOL" in Novosibirsk. The company specializes in construction and technical equipment of water sports objects and health complexes. During the training program, Grigorij found two potential German partners for his projects. Intensive consultations were held with TZ Technisches Zentrum Entwicklungs- & Handelsgesellschaft mbH. The company is working out a technical proposal on how to install a state-of-the-art flow channel for training junior Olympic swimmers during the reconstruction of the old swimming complex of the Army Sports Club in Novosibirsk. This would be the first current channel of this kind in the Russian Federation. In addition, contact has been established with e.s.m. Edelstahl- Schwimmbad- und Metallbau GmbH has been established; ATISPOOL will purchase new stainless steel swimming pools from this manufacturer.

For the multi-day "Completion Stay" planned for the fall of 2021, all participants would like to see an improvement in the pandemic situation so that they can deepen their contacts into personal conversations instead of via computer screens. This is the only way to create more trust for long-term stable cooperations.